Expletives dot the weekend TV comedy, sports landscape


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Expletives dotted the weekend television landscape.

On “Saturday Night Live,” guest host Sam Rockwell let one slip during a skit. He then put his hand to his mouth and said “sorry” before continuing with the skit.

On the late-night show’s “Weekend Update” segment, anchor Colin Jost mentioned President Donald Trump’s reference to African nations as “s-holes,” omitting the expletive.

He explained that NBC asked him to clean up the quote. But Jost added if the president can say the full word, so can he. So he did.

On a NBC Sports Network soccer telecast, Liverpool, England, team manager Juergen Klopp dropped an expletive in a post-match interview Sunday.

Asked if he wanted to apologize, a smiling Klopp said he thought it was OK in America to use such language.

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